First 24skate on 23/24 October 2004
The first 24skate went for 24 consecutives hours starting on the 23 of October 2004, 9:00 a.m. UTC time. Here are the results and reports (see links in the table):

Hour # Scoring Venue Scoring Kilometers Weather
01Copenhagen 20 rain
02Tallin 15 rain
03Tallin 20 rain
04Munich 30,3Indian Summer
05Munich 19,3Indian Summer
06Rio de Janeiro 20,6fine
07Rio de Janeiro 20,6fine
08Stillwater 26,6fine
09Munich 30,3Indian Summer
10Vancouver 22,5rain
11Vancouver 22,5rain
12Quebec 23,1windy
13Montreal 16,3fine
14Montreal 17 fine
15Sydney 33,2fine
16Sydney 33,2fine, short shower
17Kuala Lumpur 06,1fine
18Singapore 20,1fine
19Singapore 26,1fine
20Vancouver 27 fine
21Chandigarh 3 fine
22Chandigarh 5 fine
23Munich 28,9Indian Summer
24Munich 27,3Indian Summer

Statistics of 24skate #1:
Total participating skaters72
Total skated kilometers[to be evaluated]
Total scoring kilometers514
Total skated hours[to be evaluated]
Total covered hours out of the 24 consecutive hours24
Total covered time zones10
Money raised for UNICEFcurrently 578,6 Euro
Total venues14
Biggest teamRioinline: 17
Fastest teamTeam Bont Sydney: 33.2 km/h
Fastest velocity38.6 km/h, Daniel Thomson, Sydney, Australia
Fastest non-relaying individual female skaterConny Strub, Vancouver, Canada: 27 km/h (on a 200m indoor track)
Fastest non-relaying individual male skatersDominic Epsom (on a dry 7,54km circuit), Clemens Suerbaum (on a dry 1470m circuit); both : 30.3 km/h, both Munich, Germany
Fastest non-relaying individual skater in wet conditionsMatt McGuire: 26.6 km/h (rainy road), Stillwater, Minnesota
Skaters longest time on skatesConny Strub, Clemens Suerbaum: 3 hours
Skaters who skated the most kilometersClemens Suerbaum: 86.5km, Conny Strub: 72km, Matt McGuire: 52km
Skaters who scored the most kilometersClemens Suerbaum: 86.5, Conny Strub: 72, Dominic Epsom: 49.6
Wettest venuesTallin, Estland; Stillwater, Minnesota, USA
Hottest venueSingapore: 30 degrees Celsius
Coldest venue8.5 degrees Celsius, Bagotville, Canada
Youngest skaterNural Ain Khadijah, Malaysia: 5
Oldest skaterRod Wilmot, Montreal, Canada: 55
Best skating storyby Michel Parent
Most touching wordsby Matthew McGuire
Best event websiteRioinline
Best picture[To be decided]
Best filmRioinline
Best media coverage[To be decided]